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SPEEDY HOME ... your earthquake-proof house in the blink of an
eye The constructive system with eps suitable all over the world for
or individuals It is the result of thirty years of personal experience of two large
that have
always invested in technology and innovation. This innovation
the highest
technologies available on the world market for the construction of
earthquake-proof houses. The first construction system in the world that thanks to the coupling
of EPS and
non-plastic material, combined with the special mixture of mortar
and tricks of
the iron anchors, make the building acoustically perfect and unique
in its kind.
Easy to implement, innovative, with integrated scaffolding system,
which allows
the floor to be disarmed in just 4 days. Speedy Home is the only
construction system
that does not need either concrete mixers or concrete pumps house in energy class A house in seismic class A jet with special mixture of mortar 2 times more resistant than
any concrete jet possible in any weather condition by robot without the aid
of pumps and concrete mixers fast execution times disarming the floor in just 4 days savings of 70x100 on the workforce 40x100 savings on materials resistance without damage to seismic shocks in the construction
area Our teams of professionals know the value of teamwork and
continuous training: through
the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge methods we
are able to meet all your
needs from the design to the realization of any structure in the world Contact us by e-mail info@speedy-home.com, or visit our office directly
(VIA A. De Gasperi 28 36 62017 PORTO RECANATI} to plan a
personalized service suited to your needs.